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There’s no doubt about it: hen parties are a great way to celebrate the last days of single life. You can fill hen weekends with dancing, laughter, eating, drinking and getting very, very merry.

And if that’s not enough, hen weekend activities are becoming more and more popular. You can try everything from pampering to quad biking.

Lots of hen weekends will involve a themed dance party. You can choose from a wide variety: 80s themed classes, cheerleading, burlesque and even pole dancing.

With such a variety of activities available, and so many different places to choose from, deciding what to do can be difficult. That’s where it can help to use an agent. If you get the professionals in to help you plan your hen weekend, you’ll be sure of an A1 service. They can take a lot of pressure away from the organisation.

A hen party planner can find you the best deals and the best places to go for your hen weekend while you sit back and get on with other things.

There are a wide variety of activities you can ask your agent about. Here are just a small selection of wicked hen weekend ideas you might want to try out:


  • Kitchen craftiness – there’s nothing better than home-made food and drink. Especially when the food is chocolate and the drinks are cocktails!
  • Afternoon tea – with a hen night of partying ahead, why not take some time out with afternoon tea, along with sandwiches and cake. A perfect way to catch up with old friends
  • Bath time bonanza – make bath time a great time by creating your own bath bombs! Pick your own fragrances, colours and moulds to make a bath time treat as individual as you are
  • The wheels on the bus... take in the thrills, spills, sights and sounds of your hen weekend’s host city with a fantastic bus tour
  • Lock and load – take a sedate trip along one of the UK’s many canals – and stop off at a pub or two on the way for a great hen weekend treat
  • Pedal power – if you’re feeling energetic, why not take a cycle tour around the area? It’s a great way to see the sights – and keep fit too.


Vanessa Robinson is Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the hen party specialists. She says: ‘Hen parties are a vital part of any wedding preparations. But we know it can be difficult and time consuming to get everything planned while so much else is going on.

‘Pink Kiss is committed to taking out the stress from things. We’re determined to provide a fantastic experience for hen parties and hen weekends.’

Music. Dancing. Cocktails. What else does a girl need to have a great time on her hen night? Well, for some that pretty much covers it. But if you want to move your hen party up to the next level, why not try putting a theme to your weekend. If you want some top tips and handy hints to make your hen weekend clucking fantastic, then read on.

Sex and the City: Pull out your most fabulous frock, shimmy on down in your favourite shoes and arm yourself with a cosmopolitan cocktail. Why should Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda have all the fun? They’re not even real people! A great girlie hen party idea.

Burlesque or pole dancing: Who says you need to be a professional dancer to try out a sexy dance routine? Try something unusual for your hen weekend. Take a walk on the wild side and explore discover your sexy and flirtatious alter ego.

Burlesque and pole dancing is becoming more and more popular with girls who just want to have a bit of naughty fun.

Superhero theme: Are you holding out for a hero? Why not be one yourself? Set a superhero theme for your hen party and invite everyone to come in super hero fancy dress. Wonder Woman? Cat Woman? Super Girl?

There are plenty of great characters to dress as. And to make the hen party really go with a POW! ZAP! and BANG! you could have a competition for the best dressed superhero.

School girl theme: Some girls never grow up. Still got your school uniform hanging up in the back of your wardrobe? It’s probably hanging near you Backstreet Boys posters. Well then, dig it out for your last days of singledom!

Get everyone to come to your hen party in pigtails, stockings and school shoes. With a mix of songs from your school days, you’ll be staying late after class as long as possible.

Thriller: If you like your parties to be a little bit frightening, you could try a hen weekend with a difference. Themed dance parties are a great way to get a hen weekend going. And if you love the moves of Michael Jackson in Thriller, a Thriller themed dance party will be a big hit for you and your friends.

For extra thrilling fun, get everyone to come in zombie costume. And then recreate this hen weekend routine at the wedding. Your guests will love it.

Vanessa Robinson is the Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the hen party specialists. She says: “A themed hen party is a great way to create a memorable time for the bride-to-be and her friends. Whether you want to recreate your school days, recreate a classic dance routine or enjoy a bit of fancy dress, you’re sure to have a great time.’

So, you’re getting married. Rings bought? Check! Honeymoon booked? Sorted! Seating plan arranged so Aunty Doris isn’t sitting next to Cousin Derek? Done and dusted. But what about the hen party? Hey, maybe you could even turn it into a full hen weekend!

Over the years, a hen party has become an intrinsic part of any wedding celebration. After all, what better way to say goodbye to the life of singledom than with a big old party with your closest friends? A hen party should be an unforgettable time for you as you get together, have a few drinks and PARTY!

There are lots of things to do on a hen weekend. If you like to be pampered, why not arrange a trip to a spa? Or if you would like to try something a bit more energetic, you could try a themed dance class for as part of your hen party.

There are plenty of dance styles to choose from. 80s themed dance parties and cheerleading classes are particularly popular as part of a hen weekend. But if you want to try something a little more risqué, you might want to have a go at burlesque or even pole dancing.

Even better, instead of planning your own hen party, why not get your chief bridesmaid to arrange it for you! After all, you’ve got enough to be doing without arranging your own hen party or hen weekend. There are companies out there who will even deal with planning your hen weekend for you!

Tradition dictates that all celebrations should end up down the pub. And your hen party should be no different. Choose a great venue near to where you’re holding your other hen party activities.

Once your there, you can have plenty of fun setting dares for each other, singing to karaoke or simply dancing the hen night away. And don’t forget to have the number for a taxi for the trip back afterwards!

Vanessa Robinson is the Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the hen party specialists. She says: ‘Your hen weekend is one of the most important events leading up to your wedding day. So fill it up with lots of great activities, games and dances to make it the best hen party ever!’

There are plenty of ways to stay in shape these days. Lots of people will try different diets. Others will go down the gym. But how about dancing?


Dancing is a great way to exercise and keep in trim. And many brides want to do just that: so they can look perfect for the big day. So if you want to do something energetic before the wedding, how about a hen weekend of dance?


There are plenty of different dance styles to consider for a hen weekend. So you’re sure to find something just right for you and your friends. From cheerleading to Bollywood via burlesque and pole dancing, there are plenty of different things to try.


There are even classes where you can recreate moves from your favourite films and shows: such Grease, Dirty Dancing and Glee. And each form of dance offers great ways to exercise. It’s a great start to a hen weekend full of fun and laughs.


The beauty of dancing – whether it’s part of a hen weekend or just for fun – is you won’t even notice you’re exercising. You’ll be having too much fun to notice you’re keeping fit at the same time.


Dancing is a big hit at the moment with dancing shows like Britain’s Got Talent, Got to Dance and Strictly Come Dancing on the television. And it’s inspiring many women to strut their stuff and try something different. It’s a really good alternative to going to the gym.


Vanessa Robinson is the Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the themed dance specialists. She says: ‘Every bride wants to look perfect for her special day. Exercise like dancing can be just the thing if you want to watch your figure and have a great time while you’re doing it.


‘At Pink Kiss, we offer a wide range of classes to cover every taste. They’re open to people with all kinds of fitness levels. If you have any concerns about exercising with a particular condition, we always recommend checking with a doctor first.’


But it doesn’t have to stop with the hen weekend. If you’ve been bitten by the dancing bug, you can repeat your new routine on the wedding day. Your fellow guests are sure to love it.

Hen weekends are about having fun, meeting up with old friends and celebrating the bride’s last days of freedom. They’re a chance to let your hair down and try something completely different.

If you’re up for trying something new, try a themed dance class. Many hen parties like to try out cheerleading, pole dancing or 80s themed classes. But if you don’t want to go with the flow, you could try a slightly more unusual dance class for your hen weekend.

There are a wide variety of dance styles available for hen parties to choose from. And they come from all around the world. If you want to try sprinkling some of the magic of the orient on your hen weekend, you might like to try a Bollywood style class.

Then again, if you want to develop your seduction skills you could try belly dancing. And it’s a great way to learn something flirtatious without relying on a pole. It’s a fun way to celebrate a hen weekend. You’ll learn a selection of easy Arabic dance moves before putting them together to form a stunning routine.

Another sexy dance style to think about is salsa. This dance style is becoming more and more popular thanks to shows like Strictly Come Dancing. And the great thing is, you won’t need to bring a man along to have a go!

If you like your fun a little more innocent, hula hooping is a great way to have fun and exercise. Grab a hoop for your hen weekend and see how long you can keep it whirling round those hips.

Or what about line dancing? They had fun doing it at Gwen’s birthday party on Gavin and Stacey. And you can too. You could even try recreating your line dancing moves on the big day. Your fellow wedding guests will love it.

For hen parties wanting to keep it real, a hip-hop themed dance class could be the way for you. A street themed dance class is perfect if you like to dance to the best of urban music.

Vanessa Robinson is the Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the themed dance party specialists. She says: “Dancing is a great ice breaker at the start of your hen weekend. At Pink Kiss we offer a wide variety of dance styles to suit all tastes. They’re great fun and a great way to exercise without even noticing you’re doing it.”

So, if you want to try a something slightly different for a hen weekend, try one of a variety of dance classes. You can pick from styles from across the world. So you’re sure to find a dance style perfect for your hen weekend.

Find out more about these dance styles and then book a session.

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