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Hen parties. Hen nights. Hen weekends. They’re the perfect chance to let your hair down and celebrate – maybe lose your inhibitions. Sound good to you? How about a themed dance party? And if you want to go really wild, try it MJ style with a Thriller themed dance party?

Themed dance parties are a big hit with hen weekends at the moment. And there’s a wide variety of dance styles to choose from. But for parties looking for something a little different – something a little bit frightening even, Thriller is the dance party to choose.

It’s hardly surprising. In a recent Disney Channel survey, fans voted Thriller the greatest dance moment ever. No wonder hen parties love it!

Dancing is a fantastic social activity. And you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a themed dance class. Instructors will always be able to break a routine down into easy to follow sections for you. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to perform a routine to rock everyone’s world!

It’s a great form of exercise too. Many women who are put off by the thought of the gym love dancing. You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re exercising!

And of course, to really get into the spirit of things, you need to do it in fancy dress. For the ultimate Thriller themed hen weekend, encourage all the hens to come in full zombie costume. It’ll make a fun change from the traditional bridal veil and L-plates outfit. You could even have a competition for the best (or worst!) dressed zombie.

Vanessa Robinson is Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the dance party experts. She says: “Thriller has always been a big hit with our hen parties. It’s always fun to see the costumes people come in. And everyone just loves dancing to one of Michael Jackson’s best loved routines.”

The fun needn’t stop there, either. You can easily turn a Thriller themed dance routine into a full Thriller themed hen weekend! From watching your favourite scary movie to doing an extreme sport like quad biking, there’s plenty of ways to keep the thrills and screams going!

And when the wedding day comes, you could even perform your routine for the other wedding guests! They’ll love it!

Find out more about Pink Kiss' Thriller themed dance classes here and then book a session.

We don't usually have this many pole dancers to a pole!

A themed dance party is a fantastic way to get any hen weekend going. And there’s a wide variety of dance styles for you to try out too. Film themed classes like Dirty Dancing or Grease are great ice breakers. And you’re sure to have loads of fun too. But what if you want to try something a little more adventurous?

Hen parties and hen weekends offer the perfect opportunities to let your inhibitions go and try something new. So how about arranging a pole dancing class for you and your friends?

Pole dancing is becoming more and more popular with hen weekends and hen parties. It’s a great way to exercise and, most of all, great fun.

Of course, pole dancing does have a reputation for being one of the more sensual dance styles. And you can certainly use it to develop your technique in flirtation and seduction. This could be just another reason why you might want to try it out at a hen weekend, of course.

But it’s also a skilled art form in its own right. Many women (and even men!) pole dance instead of heading to the gym. With a vast number of pole dancing competitions in the mainstream, it’s clear there is more to this style than its stripper image suggests.

Pole dancing is a brilliant way to help boost your confidence too. Many women on hen weekend parties who try this form of dance go from doubters to enthusiasts in just one class! So if you want to get out of your comfort zone, pole dancing could be just the thing for you. And after trying it once, you can always come back for another go!

Vanessa Robinson is Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the hen party specialists. She says: “Pole dancing is a great way to help you develop your confidence and fitness. We’ve had lots of women come to our classes who are nervous at first. And that’s only natural. But we always provide a safe, fun environment and everyone always has a great time!”

So, if you want to try something different for a hen weekend, think about pole dancing. It’s a great way to exercise, build confidence and have fun. Learning a glamorous routine with the aid of a pole is a great way to start your hen weekend.

Find out more about our pink-tastic pole classes and then book a session.

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