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Have a great hen weekend!

So, you’re getting married. Rings bought? Check! Honeymoon booked? Sorted! Seating plan arranged so Aunty Doris isn’t sitting next to Cousin Derek? Done and dusted. But what about the hen party? Hey, maybe you could even turn it into a full hen weekend!

Over the years, a hen party has become an intrinsic part of any wedding celebration. After all, what better way to say goodbye to the life of singledom than with a big old party with your closest friends? A hen party should be an unforgettable time for you as you get together, have a few drinks and PARTY!

There are lots of things to do on a hen weekend. If you like to be pampered, why not arrange a trip to a spa? Or if you would like to try something a bit more energetic, you could try a themed dance class for as part of your hen party.

There are plenty of dance styles to choose from. 80s themed dance parties and cheerleading classes are particularly popular as part of a hen weekend. But if you want to try something a little more risqué, you might want to have a go at burlesque or even pole dancing.

Even better, instead of planning your own hen party, why not get your chief bridesmaid to arrange it for you! After all, you’ve got enough to be doing without arranging your own hen party or hen weekend. There are companies out there who will even deal with planning your hen weekend for you!

Tradition dictates that all celebrations should end up down the pub. And your hen party should be no different. Choose a great venue near to where you’re holding your other hen party activities.

Once your there, you can have plenty of fun setting dares for each other, singing to karaoke or simply dancing the hen night away. And don’t forget to have the number for a taxi for the trip back afterwards!

Vanessa Robinson is the Events Manager at Pink Kiss, the hen party specialists. She says: ‘Your hen weekend is one of the most important events leading up to your wedding day. So fill it up with lots of great activities, games and dances to make it the best hen party ever!’