Pole Dancing
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Pole Dancing One to One Sessions



£75.00 including VAT


Session Length

60 minutes



All over the UK, please click here for our locations.



Saturdays between 10:00am - 6:00pm


All one to one sessionsare subject to change or cancellation. If your chosen date is cancelled, you will be offered an alternative date.



Your instructor will have a selection of music on the day.


What To Wear

  • Vest
  • High heeled shoes/ boots
  • Trainers
  • Shorts

Please Note

Additional Supplements apply in these cities: Aberdeen, Blackpool, Chester, Leicester, Coventry, Sheffield, Southampton and Torquay

Payment on the day is not accepted as instructors do not handle any cash. All fees are payable in advance by calling 0871 288 4451.

We require all session fees no later than 14 days prior to your session date.


How To Book

Click here



Spectators are allowed at no extra cost.



Q. Why use the pole?
A. The pole has a sensual element to it and helps you to be sexual and flirtatious whilst stroking and playing with it.


Q. Will learning to pole dance make me sexy?
A. Everyone defines being sexy in different ways, but we say being sexy is all about confidence and portraying the inner you in a positive light. Pink Kiss will help you to develop your seduction and dance skills, improve your sensual Confidence, improve your self esteem and body image.


Q. Does pole dancing make you fit?
A. Lets be honest, one hours training in pole dancing will not make you the fittest person but as you increase the number of classes, improve and develop your tricks we guarantee pole dancing will improve body tone, increase flexibility, improve posture and your cardiovascular system.


Q. Can anyone attend Pink Kiss classes?
A. YES, we welcome everyone as long as you're over 18! Training with Pink Kiss will enable anyone to become competent and confident on the pole.


Q. Is there an age limit for joining Pink Kiss classes?
A. You must be 18+


Q. What music do we dance to in the classes?
A. Pink Kiss provide a range of the latest chart music for the classes although we encourage our students to bring along their own CD's especially for the final performance as listening to a favourite song can often be the difference between a basic and amazing dance routine.


Q. Is pole dancing safe?
A. As with any strenuous activity or sport, you may experience a few knocks and bruises when learning the skills of the pole. As you become more competent you will learn to position yourself properly around the pole as to avoid any bumps!


Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. All deposits for sessions are non-refundable. We require all session fees no later than 14 days prior to your session date.


Q. What if i need to amend my booking?
A. We do not accept time or date amendments.


Q. How do I book?
A. Please click here for details of how to enrol.


Q: Can I bring my baby or child with me to a class?
A. All Pink Kiss classes take place in licenced venues so we're not able to have under 18s on the premeses.

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